find more info Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about forecasting, education, training & preparedness, or if you just simply want to know if it is going to rain today?


check these guys out If you are wondering if it rained on a certain day, if there was severe weather four years ago, or if you want to see a radar image of the storm to hit your town a few months back. Reach out!


If you are interested in having your group, organization, or public safety personnel attending a spotter training session, please contact me to schedule.



I have spoken at several different events on a variety of different topics. My talks are generally very interactive and I like to use the audience and incorporate their experiences into the material I am speaking on. I would love to come talk weather or storm chasing with all of you.

Media Inquiries

Whether it is being live on the news or a scheduled radio interview, I have always taken the time to answer questions about what I do, how my company was formed, and why the weather works the way it does in our local area.


Consultation Requests...